Core Values

We believe values shape an individual as well as an organization.  Values determine and dictate every decision that we make.  Values guide our long range goals as well as everyday ministry plans. We believe our core values show exactly what is important to Oak Hill Assembly.

BIBLE BASED  We believe the Bible is the inerrant, inspired and authoritative guide for faith and life.

SPIRIT-FILLED WORSHIP:  We believe in creating an atmosphere where miracles can occur through spirit-filled worship.  This includes a dedicated time in every service for people to "worship the Lord in spirit and in truth" (John 4:21-24).

DISCIPLESHIP: We are committed to the transformation process which includes the evangelism of the lost, discipleship of the believer and the training of leaders.

EVERYONE HAS VALUE:  We are committed to be a church that welcomes all backgrounds, races, cultures, ethnicity and physical ability.  We believe that all lives have value and all lives matter.

COMPASSION:  We are  committed to sharing hope through helping, giving and serving.

MISSIONS:  We believe that devoted followers of Christ have a responsibility to support mission efforts locally and globally.

MINISTRY:  We believe God calls every believer to minister to others and following Christ requires obedience to that calling.

EXCELLENCE:  We are committed to excellence that honors God and inspires people.